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How to use twiBook?

  • Use our Chrome extension. With it, you can create bookmarks without leaving Twitter or follow the steps below
  • First, find any tweet on Twitter. Copy the link of the tweet
  • If you're on the Basic plan, you can bookmark any link on the internet.
  • Now that you have copied the link of the tweet. Go into your dashboard
  • You should see a 'Create bookmark' button, if you're new to twiBook, click on it.
  • You should see a dialog with two input fields by now. Paste the link in the second input field.
  • Then proceed to give it a name you want to remember bookmark by. And that's all.
  • If you no longer need the bookmark, you can delete it at any time.

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Simple bookmarks

8 Tweet Previews

Search bookmarks

15 bookmarks per month



Everything in 'Free'

Chrome extension

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Weekly Email reminders

Create external bookmarks

Up to 50 bookmarks per month



Everything in 'Basic'

All filters included

Weekly Email reminders

Up to 150 bookmarks per month

Export bookmarks from Twitter (soon)

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